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Jack Circle - Copy.png

Role: Director

Nickname: JD

Guilty Pleasure? Justin Bieber (don't let him near the office spotify playlist)

Go to drink & snack: Cold Gin & Tonic in the sun with a bowl of Thai Sweet Chilli crisps

Interests & spare time: Football (the mighty Darlington FC), Golf, Watches and Travelling

Specialist Sectors: Engineering, Manufacturing, Leisure, IT & Franchise



Role: Director

Nickname: JB/Baby Batham

Guilty Pleasure? Takeaways & cups of tea 

Go to drink & snack: Malborough Sauvingon Blanc and Sea salt & Balsamic vinegar crisps

Interests & spare time: Rugby  (Leicester Tigers) and socialising down the pub  

Specialist Sectors: Construction, Logistics, Plant, Farming & Waste/Recycling 

Jake Circle - Copy.png
Toby Circle.png


Role: Director

Nickname: Tobe/Tobz

Guilty Pleasure? Cooking (Crown’s wannabe Gordon Ramsey)

Go to drink & snack: Sol beer & Olives (and Garlic Bread … with cheese, of course)

Interests & spare time: Cleaning his pride and joy (Audi RS3) and going on walks with his

miniature Daschund, Luna.

Specialist Sectors: Fit out/Refurbishment & Professions (Solicitors, Dentists, Opticians etc.)


Role: Senior Account Manager

Nickname: AP

Guilty Pleasure? Nike Air Max trainers & Jamiroquai

Go to drink & snack: Cheeky IPA & Lotus Biscoff cheesecake

Interests & spare time: Family time with his wife and two young kids and posting a daily outfit

photo on instagram (Crown's in-house wannabe influencer)

Specialist Sectors: Drainage, Engineering & Woodworking

AP Circle - Copy.png

Senior Account Managers

07736 043 654   

George Circle - Copy.png


Role: Senior Account Manager

Nickname: Riggs

Guilty Pleasure? Reality TV & Ed Sheeran

Go to drink & snack: A cold Budvar & Chilli Puffs

Interests & spare time: Football (Leicester City FC), Formula 1 & Boxing

Specialist Sectors: Scaffolding/Racking, Brewery, Renewables & Logistics


Role: Account Manager

Nickname: Tyga/Young T

Guilty Pleasure? Drinking

Go to drink & snack: Peroni & Steak

Interests & spare time: Going out, Stock market trading 

Specialist Sectors: Engineering, Property & Logistics

Tiger Circle.png

Role: Account Manager

Nickname: Tyga/Young T

Guilty Pleasure? Drinking

Go to drink & snack: Peroni & Steak

Interests & spare time: Going out, Stock market trading 

Specialist Sectors: Engineering, Property & Logistics

01908 039 818    

Account Managers


07719 005 701   

Role: Senior Account Manager

Nickname: LukeyB

Guilty Pleasure? High School Musical (wannabe Zac Efron)

Go to drink & snack: Corona with Lime & Bread with Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Interests & spare time: GolfFootball (Leicester City FC) & MMA

Specialist Sectors: Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction

Luke Circle - Copy.png


Role: Senior Account Manager

Nickname: Dildog / Dil

Guilty Pleasure? The film "A Star is Born" (makes him cry)

Go to drink & snack: Spiced Rum & Haribo Tangfastics

Interests & spare time: Travelling 

Specialist Sectors: Scaffolding, Food Production, Construction & Fit Outs

Dillon Circle - Copy.png

07792 895 460  


01908 039 818   

Role: Account Manager

Nickname: James (pronounced Ha-mez)

Guilty Pleasure: DIY (our resident Nick Knowles)

Go to drink & snack: Argentinian Malbec & Milk Chocolate Digestives

Interests/Spare Time: Football (Manchester United)

Specialist Sectors: Construction, Automotive & Logistics 

James Circle - Copy.png


01908 039 818   

Role: Account Manager

Nickname: Q

Guilty Pleasure? Reality TV (in particular Love Island)

Go to drink & snack: Guiness and Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Kettle Crisps

Interests & spare time: All sports, the gym and going to the pub

Specialist Sectors: Construction, Waste/Recycling & Brewery

Joe Q Circle - Copy.png


Mikella Circle.png

Role: Account Manager

Nickname: M

Guilty Pleasure: CFriends (watched it over 20 times)

Go to drink & snack: Gin and Tonic & Chocolate

Interests/Spare Time: Design & make clothes and painting (our resident Van Gogh)

Specialist Sectors: Retail, Hospitality & Renewables


Role: Account Manager 

Nickname: Dev/Baz

Guilty Pleasure? Boybands and eating Roast Dinners for Breakfast

Go to drink & snack: Roast Dinner & Mojitos

Interests & spare time: Spending time with his kids and playing football

Specialist Sectors: Professions, Motor & Engineering

Baz Circle - Copy.png

01908 039 818   


Role: Sales Support Administrator 

Nickname: Tay - Tay

Guilty Pleasure: Playing the Sims 4

Go to drink & snack: Kopperberg Gin & Lemonade and Snickers

Interests/Spare Time: Festivals and going out

Specialist Sectors: Administration and being the friendly voice answering the landline

Taymar Circle.png


Ryan W Circle.png

Role: Office Dog / Chief Barking Officer

Nickname: Luney

Guilty Pleasure? Eating anything & barking whilst Account Managers are on the phone to clients

Go to drink & snack: Water, specifically out of a garden hose and mango... 

Interests & spare time: Going on walks, running around and causing chaos in the office

Specialist Sectors: Dog food, sleeping positions, barking and running

Luna Circle - Copy.png



Role: Account Manager

Nickname: bRyan (Brian) 

Guilty Pleasure: Xbox

Go to drink & snack: Courvoisier and Coke & a KFC (big snack)

Interests/Spare Time: Playing football

Specialist Sectors: Construction, Waste/Recycling & Print

01908 039 818        


Role: Account Manager

Nickname: Wiz

Guilty Pleasure? Come Dine with Me

Go to drink & snack: Budvar & Pork Scratchings

Interests & spare time:  Muay-Thai, Formula 1 & Beer Garden

Specialist Sectors: Transport, IT & Manufacturing

Cameron Circle - Copy.png
Naz Circle.png

01908 039 818          


Role: Account Manager

Nickname: Naz

Guilty Pleasure: Eating Nutella from the jar

Go to drink & snack: Strawberry Daiquiri & Biscoff Cheesecake

Interests/Spare Time:  Football (Red Devil) & Travelling 

Specialist Sectors: Retail, Hospitality & Motors

01908 039 818        


Role: Head of Sales - Vivo Finance (our specialist automotive division)

Nickname: Samways

Guilty Pleasure? Taylor Swift

Go to drink & snack: Gin and Tonic & Mini Cheddars

Interests & spare time:  Anything and everything to do with Cars

Specialist Sectors: Prestige, Super, Hyper and Classic Cars

George S Circle.png

07599 107 432       



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